We are a small iOS consultant and development shop. We have over 6 years of experience in the iOS development industry. Take some time to look over our site to see what solutions we have to offer. In summary, here are a few ways that we can help.

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Organic App Growth

In order to make it in the iOS development business as an indie developer, organic downloads are your main source of traffic! How do you get this organic traffic? Firstly, you must familiarize yourself with iOS ASO. You can accomplish learning iOS ASO by taking our one-on-one customized iOS ASO course, by us providing our iOS ASO service. You can learn iOS ASO by yourself if you wish. Having said that, when I started, boy do I wish it was easy to find a customized service! Every app and niche is different, a different ASO approach is necessary for each app.

Market Research

In addition to organic growth, researching the iOS app market is crucial. Here at iOS Consultant we have expertise in a few areas that other iOS Consultants may not.

Since one of our main team members has a very strong background in Japan and in the Japanese language, we are highly experienced with Japan App Store entry. We have also learned how to penetrate the app store internationally.


Time and time again our team have seen codes that worked very well in the app store and the app solved an important problem. Furthermore, such apps often did the proper market research. So, why were these apps getting virtually 0 downloads? Well, an important ingredient of the app store success secret sauce is missing. In order to correct the recipe, the app needs better graphics. Usually, such apps need a total app reskin. However, at times such apps may just need a new app icon design and/or a GUI reskin.

Project Management

Are you a new iOS developer in search of programmers, designers, perhaps an iOS development team? We can assist you by recruiting the right people for your project. Through hundreds of projects throughout the years we have what it takes to determine who is right for your project. Moreover, we can see to it that your project runs smoothly without any obstacles.


Additionally there are other ways that we can help aspiring iOS developers, existing iOS developers, and iOS investors.

If you are an investor that is new to the iOS business there are multiple issues that we can assist you with. For example, do you need an outsider to look over a project you are interested in investing in? On the other hand, could you use an iOS consultant to audit an existing project. Your capital is precious, let us make sure it is not wasted!

For those of you that are wishing to get their feet wet in the iOS app business; you may simply need a consultation regarding an app idea that you have. On the other hand, novice iOS developers may have trouble in navigating Apple’s App Review GuidelinesDealing with Apple rejections can also be an issue that beginners may struggle with. We can help you get through the pain, we have been there!

Apps that may have thousands of downloads per day, at times, are not monetized correctly. Beginners or even experts often struggle with how to monetize correctly. At times, switching an app from Free to Paid, or from Paid to Freemium, Paid to Paymium, etc. can have surprisingly lucrative results.

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When starting iOS development we often have many questions, worries, and confusion. Furthermore, even for iOS developers that already have apps in the store, there are many challenges that we have to face such as: "Why am I not getting more downloads?", "Why is my app getting downloads but my ad ECPM is so low?" etc. We are here to help save you time and money!

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